Bakhoor Nabeel Touch me  Incense🌹

Bakhoor Nabeel Touch me Incense🌹

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Bakhoor Nasaem Home Incense 4ogr

Home/office Collection by Al Nabeel

This genuine Nabeel product is high quality and longer lasting. Manufactured in United Arab Emirates. Nabeel Aerosol air freshener is formulated with a secret blend of essential oils and anti-bacterial ingredients. Developed to effectively overcome unpleasant odors and make the ambiance fragrant.
By Nabeel 40 Gram 100% Original
A rich and aromatic fragrant Oudh to fill your home with ever-lasting soul evoking aroma from the East. It smells brilliant and fills up the whole room with aroma instantly. As this is a high-quality product, all you need is a few pieces to burn and it will last for hours and hours.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Notes: Rose, Ylang ylang, Violet.
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Lily.
Base Notes: Tremoss, White Musk, Orange Flower.
Olfactive Families: Floral - Ylang Ylang - Rose
Olfactive Family: Oriental-Woody

--- HOW TO BURN ---
Take a piece of coal and heat a corner of it with a small flame with a lighter or cooker until it becomes hot (be careful not to burn yourself - Handle with metal tongs or similar instruments). Place the hot piece of coal in a Bakhoor stand/ incense burner or a suitable metal dish. Wait for 2 minutes and sprinkle small amount of the Oudh pieces from the tub on top of the coal.
Now sit back, relax and enjoy the fragrance as it gradually fills up the room and the whole house with the luxurious aroma - Truly heavenly! …
* Beautiful decorated bottle*for any occasion, has presence but not over bearing. Please check my other items.

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