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Pure Yemeni Sidr Honey 250ml

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The Amazing health Benefits of Pure Yemeni Sidr Honey The World's Best Honey

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Pure Yemeni Sidr Honey - -The World's Best Honey high quality

Unheated Grade A+ 250ml, by Tawakkal

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The Amazing health Benefits of Pure Yemeni Sidr Honey  -The World's Best Honey
The remarkable healing power of honey has long been understood. Used by the ancients to clean and protect wounds, expedite the healing process and eliminate infection and disease, honey is still widely respected by both practitioners of alternative medicine, individual consumers and even many doctors.
Among the many versions of honey that are produced throughout the world and the unique array of benefits that each can provide, the amazing medical benefits of Yemeni Sidr Honey should not be overlooked
What Is Yemeni Sidr Honey
Yemeni Sidr honey is one of the most distinctive honeys in all the world. This is because it is known as a veritable cure-all that can be used to successfully eliminate a variety of ailments and diseases.
It is especially advantageous for those who have not had success with conventional medical treatments, even when dealing with major health issues such as heart disease, cancer and chronic digestive issues. This honey is made by bees that have fed solely on Sidr tree nectar.
The Sidr tree is sacred by many native Yemeni residents and has long been used as part of folk medicine in this region. Harvested just twice yearly, it is rich with antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties along with an array of potent antioxidants.
from the sweet nectar of the ancient and beautiful Sidr tree in Yemen, Yemini Sidr honey is truly the world’s best kept secret. This aromatic and healing honey are nature’s authentic, wonderfully-scented, and wellness-inducing gift to all who embrace its natural powers.
As with all ancient and naturally inspiring, uplifting, and healing alternatives available in today’s world, Yemini Sidr honey is not just amazing for one cure or one purpose; its medicinal uses are widespread and all-encompassing. Although it’s expensive (as all good things are); its value is priceless.
Everyone knows that honey, in and of itself, has always been one of nature’s best antidotes for so many common and serious ailments; the ancient Yemini Sidr honey multiplies those benefits by a million.
Here’s a look at just a few of the many ways Yemini Sidr honey is used to make your life better:
Sidr Honey for Cancer
It is believed that cancer of the bones and the stomach can be successfully cured with Yemeni Sidr Honey. This is especially likely when the healing benefits of Yemeni Sidr Honey are mixed with the potent, curative properties of cinnamon. Mixing one tablespoon of this honey with a full teaspoon of ground cinnamon and taking this orally three times per day is a proper dosing schedule. Noticeable improvements can be gained in just one month.
Yemeni Sidr Honey has antioxidant abilities. To counteract damages done to the body, which free radicals are responsible for causing, antioxidants play a critical role in reversing the aging process. Scientific research in the medical field has shown that Yemeni Sidr Honey has as much as 150 milligrams of ascorbic acid for every 100 grams; and, the darker that the colour of the honey is, the higher its antioxidant properties will be. Diseases such as cancer and arterial disease can be treated when turning to Yemeni Sidr Honey as a method for holistic healing.
Note: other cancers treated with Sidr Honey are: pancreatic, brain tumour, breast cancer and liver cancer.
Yemini Sidr honey as an antibacterial and antiseptic
Scientific research in the medical field has discovered that Yemeni Sidr honey is effective against fighting resistant bacteria which spread quickly. The efficiency Yemeni Sidr honey has for eliminating bacteria is directly dependent on its potency which determines the amount of antibacterial activity it contains. Even being diluted 100 times will not stop its healing capabilities to eliminate bacteria and halt its growth when being utilized as an alternative sanitation method because of its enzymatic constituents.
In addition to having medicinal properties which can be utilized for holistic methods of healing, Yemeni Sidr honey also tastes delicious because the Yemen soil that the tree is rooted in is richer than other soils of the world and no chemicals or machinery are used for harvesting it. Honey from different regions cannot compare to Yemeni Sidr Honey.
Minor Illnesses
Whether dealing with nausea related to the stomach flu, food poisoning or a common, seasonal cold, you can take advantage of the medical benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey. When mixed with cinnamon and taken orally, this will alleviate chronic congestion, cough, sinus pressure and an array of other problems. Yemeni Sidr honey has also been known to cure ulcers in the stomach and uncared lesions throughout the lower gastrointestinal tract. This makes it ideal for those who suffer from Chron's diseases and Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. More importantly, as an all-natural remedy, it does not entail the potentially dangerous side effects that are characteristic of the pharmaceutical products that are commonly used to treat chronic digestive illnesses. While many Chron's medications are known to be cancer-causing, people can get the same relief and a greater range of long-term improvements by simply capitalizing on the benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey.
Just a small bit of this honey taken before meals can also prevent acid reflux. For those with ulcered lesions in the oesophagus, chronic heartburn and other digestive issues, this honey provides a very natural and easy way to avoid post-meal discomfort. Best of all, routine use of Yemeni Sidr honey will cause acid reflux symptoms to abate, thereby allowing for natural healing in all affected areas.
Cosmetic Improvements
The benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey also extend into the realm of physical aesthetics. This is one of the most effective, natural remedies for chronic and cystic acne, given that it effectively targets the harmful microorganisms that are responsible for blackheads, whiteheads, boils and other blemishes. A topical paste can be created by mixing this honey with ground cinnamon and this can then be applied to the affected area, worn overnight and washed off in the morning. Noticeable and lasting results can be achieved within just two weeks.
A Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Other Reproductive Issues
Many conventional remedies for sexual dysfunction can adversely impact heart health and entail a range of unpleasant side effects. Among the many benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey, however, is the ability to assist males in achieving erection naturally. This is a powerful aphrodisiac, especially when mixed with cumin, ginseng, olive oil or carrot seeds. It also helps to facilitate regular menstruation and it additionally aids in conception, making it good for both men and women to include in their diets. This can be mixed with honey and added to toast or used as part of other dishes.
Once it has been mixed with carrot seeds, Yemeni Sidr honey becomes a natural and organic aphrodisiac. Alternatively, if it is combined with ginseng, nuts, and other herbs, its function as an aphrodisiac will be more potent than Viagra. Absolutely no side effects will result from using these methods.
Improve Immune System Functioning
Disease prevention is among the numerous health benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey. As a dietary supplement, this honey is great for bolstering and strengthening the human immune system. Studies have shown that it is one of the most effective ways to fight off influenza during times of high exposure. Given that this honey is rich in antioxidants and contains inherent antiseptic properties, it is the ideal defense against invasive organisms. With regular use, the white blood corpuscles are strengthened, which in turn makes the body more effective at fighting off bacteria, viruses and fungi.
These, however, are just a few of the many benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey. This honey is also great for staving off the aesthetic, physical and mental effects of aging. Seniors can include lesser amounts of this honey in their diets to alleviate arthritis pain, bolster their brain health, protect their hearts and preserve mobility. This wonderful and highly potent product holds something for nearly every member of the family and thus, it more than lives up to its reputation as a natural cure-all.
Regardless of the severity of the ailment, Yemeni Sidr honey has many curative qualities that can strengthen the immune system. Issues with the liver, ulcers in the stomach, respiratory infections, and problems with the digestive track which lead to constipation are all treatable.
Even eye diseases and malnutrition may be remedied. Infected surface wounds, surgical aftermath, or burns can be relieved as well. Menstruation cycles are more easily facilitated and recovery after childbirth is enhanced when utilizing Yemeni Sidr honey. It also helps manage epilepsy, may be used as an astringent, and functions as a cough medicine substitute.
Yemini Sidr honey for curing arthritis
Mixing Yemeni Sidr honey with warm water and adding cinnamon powder will result in the creation of a paste which will reduce the pain caused by Arthritis once it's massaged onto the specific area of discomfort. Pain will recede within only a few minutes when using this method. Chronic Arthritis can be completely cured if two tablespoons of Yemeni Sidr honey are mixed with one tablespoon of cinnamon powder in warm water and regularly drank in mornings and evenings
Yemini Sidr honey for easing heart conditions
The paste that is used for combating arthritis can also be applied on bread, as a substitute for jelly or jam, and once regularly eaten in the mornings it will reduce cholesterol. This will enhance function capabilities of the arteries and prevent the risk of heart attacks from occurring. This method will also enhance the overall function of the heart and strengthen its beat.
One of the most impressive benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey is its ability to stave off heart disease and prevent heart attacks. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and clears the arteries, making it ideal both as a preventative measure against heart attacks and for use by those who have had one or more heart attacks in the past. Routine use helps people to maintain flexibility in the veins and arteries which is commonly lost because of the normal aging process. Moreover, with good circulation and better blood delivery, problems like chronic fatigue and loss of breath can be minimized or even eliminated.
Yemini Sidr honey for fighting fatigue
Recent scientific research has shown that the amount of sugar contained in Yemeni Sidr honey is in no way detrimental to body strength. In fact, within one week it can increase the vitality of your body. Taking half a tablespoon of Yemeni Sidr honey mixed with cinnamon powder in a glass of water will combat lethargy. Test studies done have proven senior citizens are able to function flexibly and are more alert when adding this procedure to their daily lives.
Yemini Sidr honey for dry scalps and dandruff
The medicinal leaves of the tree that Yemeni Sidr Honey comes from are high in iron, magnesium, and calcium. This means they can be used in the creation of herbal shampoos. For individuals that are suffering from a dry scalp and itchy dandruff, using this as a natural treatment can soothe and revitalize the scalp in a therapeutic way. It is also able to be utilized as a treatment for lice elimination. In addition, these herbal shampoos made with Yemeni Sidr honey will not only also treat furuncles and abscesses, but also relieve swollen eyes.
Yemini Sidr honey for naturally cleansing and gently disinfecting the body
When the leaves of the Yemeni Sidr honey tree are mixed with warm water, they become a natural soap which disinfects every area of the body that it touches. Deodorants that disinfect can be created from the resin that its oil comes from. Unlike many name brand deodorants that contain aluminum ~ which is harmful for the body, there are no hazardous elements within these natural deodorants and soaps made with Yemeni Sidr honey.
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Pure Sidr Yemeni




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