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Sidr Leaf (Leaves) 50gr

Sidr Leaf (Leaves) 50gr

Sidr Leaf (Leaves) 50gr

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Senna Makki Leaves
Sidr Leaves
Sidr Leaves (Lote leaves in english), also known by its scientific name Zizyphus Spina-Christi, are from a tree native to parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The Sidrat al-Muntaha, also known as the Lote Tree that marks the end of the seventh heaven, which the Prophet Muhammad passed by during Isra and Mi’raj is mentioned in the Quran.

Sidr is also mentioned in the Sunnah as being used to wash the dead body for Janazah:

Narrated Ibn `Abbas: “A man fell from his Mount and died while he was with the Prophet () at `Arafat. The Prophet () said, “Wash him with water and Sidr and shroud him in two pieces of cloth and neither perfume him nor cover his head, for he will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection saying, ‘Labbaik’.”

(Bukhari 1268)

It is also mentioned that it is used to wash the body of someone who has said shahadah and become a muslim:

Qais bin Asim narrated that:

“He accepted Islam and the Prophet ordered him to perform Ghusl with water and Sidr.”

(Tirmidhi 605)

It is also mentioned in Sharh Usul I’tiqad Ahl As-Sunnah wal-Jamaa (7/1288) that it was reported to make a ruqyah bath:

Al-Lalkaii said that Muhammad Ibn Uthman related that Said Ibn Muhammad Al-Hanat stated, ”Ishaq ibn Abi Israel said, “I heard Sufyan says that Sulayman Ibn Umayyah (Sheikhh of Thaqif) Ibn Masud heard Aisha رضي الله عنه advise a woman to use Sidr and water to wash the traces of magic.”

Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar Al-‘Asqalani رحمه الله said in Al-Fath that Ibn Abtal stated in the books of Wahhab bin Munnabih to take seven leaves of a green Sidr, grind them with two rocks, add water to it, read the verse of Al Kursi (2:255) and Al-Qawakil (the Surah’s which start with “Qul”), take three sips, then wash up with the rest. This will remove all of his AFFLICTIONS AND is a cure for men who have sexual disorders.”

Sidr Leaves (Lote Leaves) may be beneficial in the treatment of:

black magic (Sihr)

sexual issues

evil eye (Ayn)

jinn possession

How to use Sidr Leaves (Lote Leaves):

• make intention to seek cure from ruqyah bath

• take 7 leaves (or the equivalent of) grind/crumble the leaves and add to a bowl of ruqyah water

• stir contents and add rock salt, olive and black seed oil (if desired but not necessary)

• drink 3 sips

• pour into a bath full of water and sit in the bath for 30-60 minutes, fully submerging yourself from time to time

• you can also put this water in a bucket and proceed to do ghusl

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