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ZamZam 250ml 100% Pure

ZamZam  250ml 100% Pure

ZamZam 250ml 100% Pure

From Makkah Well Curative Natural Treatment 100% Quality
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100% Original ZAMZAM Water 250ml (NO MIX) Sealed Bottle

Unopened and sealed.

From Makkah Well Curative Natural Treatment 100% Quality

We aim to serve Original ZamZam Water to our customers. If you are not familiar with the ZamZam Water than please buy a bottle as a sample and try the sample before you buy lots/quantity. When you are satisfied with the product than purchase in bulk quantity of the bottles. Note: Once you break seal/wrap we do not accept return due to hygiene purposes. Finally, you can enjoy 100% genuine and authentic ZamZam Water from Holy Makkah. Quality is our promise and guarantee

This pure and blessed Zam Zam water is a complete diet as well as cure for every ailment

Zam Zam water has scientifically been proven to contain healing qualities/Islamic Ruqyah due to its higher content of Calcium and Magnesium Salts and the natural Fluorides that encompass a germicidal action.

It is also an established scientific fact that pools or water wells tend to grow vegetation such as Algae especially in warm climates, amazingly this is not the case in the well of Zam Zam. It has remained free from biological contaminants.

From the time that Hajar wandered aimlessly through the desert in search of sustenance for her son and herself to the moment that Ismael “May Allah Exalt His Mention” kicked his tiny Heels on the sand and the well of Zam Zam was born out of the great mercy of Allah and Muslims have been drinking from it. What is more fascinating is that it has never once dried up.



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